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Otay! so I haven't done one of these since November of 2007...well there is a whole lot to be said I'll do it by month.....

January~ New Years was AWESOME I partied with Kelly,Bruce,Ashley,Josh and some of his friends we got wasted and didnt get home till like 3am OMG can you say hangover? I CAN!!!! Kelly made me Blue pancakes because she is my bestest friend and I love her to DEATH!!! god! Umm...January is Bruce and me's 3 month anniversary yeah we are still together and going strong in that month! only 5 more months of High school!!!!! Ohh yeah I lost my aunt kelly to her 7 yr battle of breast cancer :( R.I.P.

February~ Valentine's day my favorite holiday! umm Bruce and I rented movies and ordered in aww how cute! it was fun! Kelly got me a pink dog for valentines day LOVE IT! umm I got lots of candy and lots of other things can't quite remember. Umm the 22nd was my mom's 35 birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! the 20th was Bruce and I's 4 month anniversary YAY we are making it work without any problems!

March~ Bruce's 20th Birthday is the 18th we didn't really do anything though so yeah I think he spent it with his family and I was home with mine fun fun!!! umm at the end of march I went to New Hampshire with Kelly for Spring break and it snowed the last 3 days we were there but hey it was fun no complants here!!!!

April~ Nothing really big happened in April other than Bruce and me's 6 month anniversary almost a year! OHHH yeah it was senior prom that was fun but the after party was soooooo much better than the prom! hahaha

May~ My 20th Birthday!!! yay I was sick the day before of and after my bday so that sucked! My mommy sent me 12 pink roses to school I loved them and I wished that they lived FOREVER but they didnt! :( umm Bruce and I are on our 7th month that is great! 

June~ I GRADUATED!!!!!!!! the 7th was the day! 2 days after grad. Bruce Kelly Angelo and I went to the beach for senior week OMG we had so much fun we partied soo much Man I wish I was there right now! umm that is pretty much it other than our 8th month!!!! 

welll I am out because I have to do dishes and then going to bed  i will keep up with this now


Bruce hunni I love you bunches <3333

What was it like during winter where you grew up?
Cold and always a white Christmas!!!!


Otay! so here is the deal with me I feel lost in EVERYTHING I do....When I talk to people I feel lost and when I am doing something that I love to do I get lost and I feel like there is no one there to help me with it and AHHH sometimes I just wanna beak down and cry or just hide from the world for a long time...I can't wait till I graduate in 20 something days and then I can just get my life together and clear my mind and get myself together w/o having any BIG worries...and I am having problems with telling people how I feel because I sometimes when I think about what people are saying I think I am hearing it wrong so I don't say anything I just need someone to talk to and someone that will listen to me and when I am done talking they will give me advice on what they think I should do SOMEONE please help me!!!!!!

Thanks Bunches


Writer's Block: Warning:

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

This weekend

Ok this weekend was AWESOME!!! I spent Friday night with my baby and then last night I hung out with my AWESOME friends Kelly David Josh and Craig and last but not least AT ALL my LOVING boyfriend BRUCE!!!! Man I am going to tell you the truth about that boy......I know that we have only been dating for a month but I am seriously falling really really fast for that boy...IDK there is just something that is so different about him that I love and it makes me like him even more and I know that he is gunna read this :) and babe it's the truth and I know that you're gunna say its too soon to say something like that but it's what I feel and I can't help it :) but yeah My weekend rocked and this week is gunna be even better TRUST ME!!!

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<b>Name:</b> Tasha
<b>Age:</b> 19
<b>Gender:</b> female

<b>Relationship Status:</b>Taken
<b>Sexual Orientation:</b> <i>(Optional)</i> Straight
<b>Occupation:</b> Student
<b>Pets:</b>Dogs Cats Chickens and Fish
<b>Siblings:</b>3 Sisters 2 Brothers
<b>Interests:</b> WWE NASCAR!!!

<b>List 3 words to describe yourself:</b>
<b>1.</b> funny
<b>2.</b> caring

<b>List 3 interesting/random things about you:</b>
<b>1.</b> hate pasta
<b>2.</b> LOVE chicken
<b>3.</b> family is my world

<b>List 3 things you look for in a friend:</b>
<b>1.</b> personality
<b>2.</b> trustworthy
<b>3.</b> knows how to have fun

<b>5 Favourite Bands/Artist/s:</b>
<b>1.</b> Fergie
<b>2.</b> Baby bash
<b>3.</b> Dream
<b>5.</b> Posion

<b>5 Favourite Movies:</b>
<b>1.</b> The Marine
<b>2.</b> Red Dragon
<b>3.</b>Silence of the lambs 
<b>4.</b> Hannibal
<b>5.</b> The Notebook

<b>5 Favourite TV Shows:</b>
<b>1.</b> Drake and Josh
<b>2.</b> WWE RAW
<b>4.</b>law and order SVU
<b>5.</b> Rock of love

<b>5 Favourite Books:</b>
<b>1.</b> Wenny has wings
<b>2.</b> murder in Greenwich who killed Martha Moxley
<b>3.</b> sister hood of the traveling pants
<b>4.</b> breathing underwater
<b>5.</b> starry starry night

<b>Why do you think people would enjoy reading and commenting on your posts?</b> I write about things that Teenagers can relate to and just dont have the "Guts" to say it

<b>Tell us about your life and what you want to do with it:</b>I want to go to Cosmotology school to do nails hair and makeup

<b>If you could swap lives with a person for a week, who would it be and why?</b>My friend Jourdain because she is always happy

<b>Make up your own question and answer it:</b>umm I dont have one!

<b>Post 1 or more pictures of yourself here.</b>
(<i>Please resize the pictures to a decent size.</i>)

<b>How did you find this community and why did you decide to join</b>I was just lookin around and I need some friends on here



Confused HELP!!!!!

Ok just when I thought life couldn't get any worse guess what it did!!! Today was Okay....But my day started off bad because when I was on the damn bus I was drinking my coffee and my damn bus driver hit a bus going like a hundred miles an hour and hit a big ass bump and I spilt it all over me!!! So by the time I go to school it was dry and you couldn't see the coffee on my pants and I get to my photography class and I saw Kristie and today she was good which was really good LOL!!! So the bell rings and Mrs.Austin the crazy art Teacher from hell said that we needed to start our portrait thing a magiers and I started mine on Friday or something like that and it doesnt have to look good because it is distorted!!! fun fun NOT!! well I really started working on it and it looks like shit and the sad part is it is a picture of my boyfriend and I feel like a big jerk messing it up but it is ok to mess it up....So that class went by pretty fast and I go to second period with all my hoodlim Friends that I love to death and the only problem that I had with that class is that I didnt want to be in there period So I go to lunch and that is always fun!!! and when I get to 3rd period it was ok I mean I guess we really didnt do anything the whole class and when we got to 4th period that I HATE more than anything in the whole world I don't even know what we did in that class but ohh well...So I get on the bus and go home and that is all fine and dandy....well when I get home I almost kill myself because I trip over the xbox controller and almost get hurt! and then I went and asked my aunt and uncle where Bruce is and they were like idk in the house or something well he isnt in the house I just came from the house and he sure as hell wasn't there...so I was like whatever ohh well when he gets here I will talk to him....so he walks into the house and looks at me and says "Hey baby!" I just look at him and then Kristie calls after I flip out on this little girl for being a pain in the ass and then he comes in my bedroom and was like "I hung out with Jeska today and she said that we look really cute together" I just look at him I mean what the hell am I suppose to say that girl is my Exboyfriends Exgirlfriend I mean hello I HATE HER TOOO!!! so I didnt say anything I just got really really upset but ohh well I just took it out on other ppl (because that is always fun!!!)and then me Bruce my aunt and uncle and Jerry were all sitting at the kitchen table and jerry said that he was heading towards Bruce's house and my uncle goes "there you go bruce a ride home for you" and Bruce goes "nah she is going to take me home." so I looked at him and asked "How are you getting home by the way?" and he looks at me and says "Jeska is taking me because she wants to see my mom" so I just looked at him and there were all like well lets go outside because it is hot in here and I just walked into my bedroom and picked up my phone and called Kristie and told her EVERYTHING!!! So then all of a sudden my aunts phone rings and I answer it and it is my mom (who i have been trying to get in touch with all night) and I was like aunt jenny it is my mom and my aunt tells me to tell her that she will call her back and my mom tells me that she can't call her back because she is in the hospital because of chest pains and that just made everything come crashing down I started bawling my eyes out because I love my mom more than anything in the whole wide world and I dont know what I would do without her!!!! so I get off the phone with Kristie and I am out on my front porch and Bruce comes out After I text him telling him that I don't like Jeska and he found out why and he told me that he wasn't going to cheat on me and if he didnt want to be with me then he wouldnt be but still you know how GIRLS are they always think the worst about everything but she is me EX's Ex so that is why I act the way I do around her!!!! so anywho my mom is getting out of the hospital in an hour thank god and me and bruce worked everything out and I will see him at 6:00 am tomorrow can't wait well that is all the venting that I am gunna do tonight Imight have more tomorrow!!!


Bruce babe you are the best and I am sorry that I was acting a lil off my rocker tonight<3MUAH

help!!! I think I am gunna go crazy!!

Ok I need some serious Help! I don't know what to do about my friend Kristie.....OK here is the deal, being the nice friend that I am my friend is having some problems at home and I was like "Hey if you need a place to stay you can stay in the guest house with me" well I didnt mean that she could move in with me...so No here I am with a friend who is moving in with me on December 21st I mean hello we can't wait till after the holidays I mean we have our own problems at home why not add one more! The other day me and my friend Kelly were talking about her moving in with me and it just hit me when she moves in me and my boyfriend will never have any alone time it will always be Tasha Bruce ohh yeah don't forget Kristie errr!!! and because I will feel bad for her we will invite Craig Bruce's brother because Kristie likes him and I think he likes her but I really don't know and I really don't care at all because she is making my head spin because if we're not talking about Craig then we are talking about her moving in and if we are not talking about her moving in then we are talking about Craig and man I know that I talk a lot about my boyfriend but I mean HELLO I  know when to STOP!!! she doesn't and people always wonder why I am in a bad mood after lunch well there is your answer she has lunch with me and the same thing happens all over again!!! AHHHH! and then she thinks that we will paint the guest house any damn color she wants well here is a reality check for her WE'RE PAINTING THE DAMN HOUSE THE COLOR THAT I WANT IT...we are painting the walls white and in my room there will be flowers and in her room/living room there will be white walls with purple curtains and things like that she will have no say because it is MY HOUSE not hers and I am selfish when it comes to shit like that because she should just be thankful that I am letting her move in with me...But Ok here is the funny part my aunt and uncle know that she is gunna move in with us but they dont know when and like hell am I tellin them she can I am not gunna get yelled at but I bet when she goes home I will get yelled at for it like it was all my fault and it isnt DAMN it I just wanna move far far away from her